Ask for a thread from La Esperanza, but Rappi’s delivery girl never arrives

Ask for a thread from La Esperanza, but Rappi’s delivery girl never arrives

The tradition of the rosca de Reyes reappears every January and especially the 6th of that month. Many people enjoy eating sweet bread with their family or friends to celebrate the arrival of the Three Kings.

Figures from Nielsen, a measurement company, showed that in Mexico about 4 million threads are sold annually.

These data demonstrate the interest of Mexican consumers in acquiring a thread in the stores of their preference that are selling this product. Currently it is normal to see the great offer that there is of the rosca de Reyes, from different flavors, sizes and ingredients, so the demand is often difficult for the customer.

This is the case of a consumer who explained that he bought a rosca de Reyes through the Rappi platform, but it never arrived, because the distributor had stolen it.

The user identified as @kraken_girl on Twitter, shared several tweets where he explained his experience as a consumer of the most famous home transport app today.

In the first message published by the Internet user, he indicates that he bought a donut in La Esperanza but it never arrived because the Rappi delivery girl who was going to pick it up stole it.

“In the end I did ask for a bagel, although it is very expensive. I asked for it from @RappiMexico and the delivery girl stole it. He picked it up, took it away, and canceled the delivery. Until now another delivery man arrived, he spoke to me to tell me that the bakery told him that they had already delivered it, ”says the first tweet.

In another publication, he says that a second delivery person of the app went back to the store to look for his order but they only sent him the purchase receipt where they showed that it had already been delivered to the first rappitendera.

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He also adds that he has already reported that theft on the platform but to date they have not finalized their purchase.

“He sent me the copy of the ticket. I already reported this in Help within the app but I do not receive news, the order is not finalized and while the delivery person is well at ease with her free thread
@RappiMexico “, reads the second tweet.

The consumer expresses that Rappi is a delivery application. “We better order tacos.
@RappiMexico is without fear of being wrong, the worst delivery app, “he says in another post.

“They already canceled my order and I can’t ask for it again because La Esperanza no longer appears in Rappi. Me? ”He says.

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