Asian model cosplays Goku in a bikini

Asian model cosplays Goku in a bikini

Perhaps one of the most iconic franchises in the world is Dragon Ball. Since his fandom is still very large, despite the fact that Goku’s story began back in the 80s. When very few imagined the success that this beloved story would have among fans.

Due to this great success, every day we can see various appearances of the characters of dragon ball in all kinds of jobs. The fan art stands out a lot, where talented artists create their own interpretations of the franchise’s beloved characters.

Another area where you can also see the great appreciation that fans have for Dragon Ball is the world of cosplay. Well, cosplay of all kinds inspired by the characters of the emblematic series abound on the internet. As is the case that we want to show you today.

This is a cosplay made by the talented cosplayer and beautiful Asian model @linny_hill, who has surprised us with a great interpretation of Goku’s iconic suit, but with a more sensual touch, as you can see in the post above.

The beautiful cosplayer wears a hot bikini orange that gives a very hot twist to Goku’s suit, but we can still see the emblem that Goku’s original suit wears, in addition, to give it a special touch, the girl has added a figure of Majin Boo next to her, like the cherry on the cake.