Home Gaming Ash Kisaragi cosplays Reika Shimohira from Gantz

Ash Kisaragi cosplays Reika Shimohira from Gantz

Ash Kisaragi cosplays Reika Shimohira from Gantz

Although the anime of Gantz was one of the most popular several years ago thanks to the design of its characters, it was not very common to see related cosplays thanks to the style of costumes they use. However, in recent years we have seen very good works such as ash kisaragiwhich became reika shimohira with his Gantz cosplay.

Ash Kisaragi has been dedicating herself to cosplay for years and in this time she has personified some of the most popular girls in anime and video games, although she does not always follow the trend of the moment. Proof of this is her Reika Shimohira cosplay, as more than five years have passed since the Gantz: 0 movie was released.

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Gantz is a series by mangaka Hiroya Oku, which has adaptations in anime, video games, live-action and animated films. If there is something that distinguishes gantz, it is its levels of gore, its fights with aliens and the beauty of its female characters, which is why fans always welcome a new cosplay.

Reika Shimohira is an idol within the anime and manga universe, so the plot justifies her great beauty from the beginning, when Keitaro sees her photographs on posters and magazines. Eventually she Reika dies and becomes one of Gantz’s bravest slayers, and while the animated movie looks great, Ash Kisaragi’s cosplay shows us what she would look like in live-action.

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Ash Kisaragi is very talented at cosplaying, so if you like her version of Reika Shimohira, I recommend you follow her on her social media. Although he has only been cosplaying for a couple of years, Ash Kisaragi has dozens of characters in his history and his Reika cosplay is only the most recent.