Artificial Intelligence will be the protagonist. The role it will have in this 2022 | Technology

Artificial Intelligence will be the protagonist.  The role it will have in this 2022 |  Technology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems already outperform the human mind in many aspects and have achieved a high degree of autonomy. Although it is true that some levels of security must be covered since they can pose a threat to human beings, their advantages are much more extensive.

The consolidation of Artificial Intelligence in the different sectors in recent years has turned the impossible into reality. Digitization and developments in the industry open the door to a new use of data that, together with AI, can take on a new dimension and become the drivers of many applications worldwide in all sectors.

AI will reportedly be better than humans at translating languages ​​by 2024, promoting articles by 2031, and performing surgical procedures by 2053.

Let’s see what 2022 holds for us in this matter:

machine learning

Machine learning is the ability that artificial intelligence gives systems to automatically analyze and improve based on experience without being explicitly programmed.

ML is the idea that computer programs can learn and adapt to new information without human intervention. It is beneficial for keeping a huge amount of data and can be implemented in quite a few areas, along with investment, loans, news creation, fraud detection…

AI in defense

the AI in the field of defense and security is absolutely unlimited. This is frequently incorporated into weapons and surveillance systems to improve their performance. It also regularly improves target recognition, flight simulation and training, and risk control.

And more importantly, the vital and volatile tasks of securing the country’s borders can be delegated to artificially intelligent robots, drones, drones…

Education and AI

That the future of classrooms is virtual is already a fact. There are already many courses on platforms that can be clearly informative and can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

AI is enabling paperwork processing automation, be it the correction of exams or bureaucratic matters. The idea of ​​schooling for these years can be redefined from the comfort of home, personalized according to the needs of each student.


It is anticipated the 2022 as the year delivery robots are going to become a reality.

Drones will be used for medical applications in cities, delivering samples and reagents from hospitals to laboratories faster than cars could drive around the city.

Detect and defuse bombs, work in environments where people cannot survive, repetitively produce items or additives.

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AI and business

Companies are using AI to improve the productivity of your employees. The advantage of AI for the company is that it takes care of repetitive tasks across the organization in a simple way so that employees can focus on creative solutions, for example.

The concept of I work from home it may be the new norm and virtual meetings and conferences will be the usual practice. This could cause the industrial real estate areas to witness a decrease in their demands.

AI in the automotive industry

Automakers around the world are using artificial intelligence.

AI and machine learning are being applied to the way cars are built and the way they perform on the road.

the metaverse

This virtual world is very promising for many sectors, from purchases to companies and the workplace.

Numerous metaverses already exist, for example in digital gaming platforms like The Sandbox and virtual worlds like Decentraland. AI has the ability to analyze massive volumes of information at lightning speed to generate insights and drive action.

Users can harness AI for decision-making (this is the case with top agency applications), or link it with automation for low-touch processes.

The field of health and AI

AI has specifically contributed to the improvement of anticancer drugs and their treatment. It can offer insights and data that cannot be discovered through the human mind and personalize remedies for each cancer patient.

It is assumed that AI could be effective for studies and the cure for most cancers humans in the future. It can help doctors make accurate decisions, reduce unnecessary surgeries, and help oncologists improve patients’ cancer treatment plans.

AI vs jobs

All of the above are great advantages, however one of the great fears of human beings is their replacement by cheaper and more efficient systems. The consensus among many specialists is that some of the professions could definitely be computerized.

A group of high-level technology executives containing the Forbes Technology Council named 13, including insurance underwriting, warehouse and production jobs, consumer service, research and data entry, transportation long distance…

As we have seen, AI evolves fast. We must continue betting on an AI that is practical, useful and realistic, capable of adapting to the needs and challenges faced by the industry in Spain and the world in general, and that can become one of the main drivers of the revolution industry that we currently live in.