The squad of the National Team, ready for the new challenge in Lithuania (@Argentina)

The Futsal World Cup Lithuania 2021 It began this Sunday, just one year after the postponement due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the Argentine national team defending the title obtained for the first time in Colombia 2016.

The national team starts today at 2:00 p.m. the defense of the title against the United States. The selection, with Matías Lucuix as coach instead Diego Giustozzi (the coach who led the team to glory) is seeded in group F and will play all three of his games in the city of Vilna, capital of Lithuania. DirecTV Sports and Public TV broadcast.

The second commitment of the team will be on Friday 17 – again at 14 – against Serbia, one of the European powers. The third and last match will be played on Monday 20 – at the same time – against Iran, the top Asian champion and bronze winner in Colombia 2016.

The squad repeats several names of those who won the trophy five years ago, such as Nicolás Sarmiento, Santiago Basile, Cristian Borruto, Alan Brandi, Leandro Cuzzolino and Damián Stazzone.

Our country will have other representatives in the World Cup since María Estefanía Pinto and Darío Santamaría They will be part of the refereeing team.

The other groups are made up of the following selected:

Group A: Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Costa Rica and Venezuela.

Group B: Guatemala, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Russia.

Group C: Portugal, Thailand, Morocco and the Solomon Islands.

Group D: Czech Republic, Brazil, Vietnam and Panama.

Group E: Spain, Angola, Paraguay and Japan.

Cuzzolino's celebration in the duel against Russia for the 2016 World Cup, where Argentina struck (AFP PHOTO / LUIS ROBAYO)
Cuzzolino’s celebration in the duel against Russia for the 2016 World Cup, where Argentina struck (AFP PHOTO / LUIS ROBAYO)

Argentina, world champion for the first time in the edition played in Colombia five years ago, will have to finish in the top two places to qualify directly for the round of 16 or be one of the four best third places.

If he passes as first, he will play on Thursday 23 against the second of group E that has Spain as the favorite, winner of the 2000 and 2004 editions.

In case of finishing second in group F, the “albiceleste” will meet the guard of C where Portugal will compete, the last European champion led by Ricardinho, six times chosen as the best player in the world.

In the case of being third, Argentina could face the winner of group D, led by the powerful and five-time champion Brazil, or the leader of C.

The round of 16 will be played between September 22 and 24, the quarters will be on 26 and 27 and the semifinals on 29 and 30.

The grand final and the match for third place will be played on Sunday, October 3.

The novelty of the ninth edition of the World Cup organized by FIFA will be the implementation of the VAR for the first time.

As in soccer, the two field referees will be able to use the video system in four incidents: goal or no goal situations; criminal or non-criminal; direct red cards; and possible cases of confusion of the identity of the player.

The difference is that each coach has a VAR request per time and one more in case of extension. If the request is favorable, the DT retains the benefit of requesting the VAR. Otherwise, you lose it.

On their way to Lithuania, the National Team held a month-long preseason in Spain and the Netherlands, with matches against Uzbekistan, Japan, Spain and the Netherlands, on two occasions; with a record of four wins and a draw.

Since obtaining the World Cup in Colombia, Argentina has threaded 41 victories, 11 draws and 8 defeats in international matches.


Argentina: Sarmiento; Taborda, Basile, Claudino and Brandi. Alternates: Farach, Stazzone, Rescia, Corso, Cuzzolino (C), Borruto, Vaporaki, Santos and Edelstein. DT: Matías Lucuix.

USA: Moretti (C); Araujo, Klepal, González and Mattos. Substitutes: Buenfil, Escobar, Maciel, Ortiz, Pondeca, Damron, Reget, Veiga and Ventura. DT: Dusan Jakica

Campus: Vilnius (Lithuania)

Television: DeporTV and DirecTV Sports


Lucas Farach (Kimberley AC), Nicolás Sarmiento (Real Betis Futsal -Spain-), Guido Mosenson (Boca Juniors), Santiago Basile (CMB Futsal -Italia-), Lucas Bolo Alemany (Italservice Pesaro -Italia-), Cristian Borruto (Italservice Pesaro -Italia-), Alan Brandi (Jaén Paraíso Interior -Spain-), Ángel Claudino (Palma Futsal -Spain-), Sebastián Corso (Industrias Santa Coloma -Spain-), Leandro Cuzzolino (Italservice Pesaro -Italia-), Matías Edelstein (Hebraica), Maximiliano Rescia (Levante UD FS -Spain-), Andrés Santos (Signor Prestito CMB -Italia-), Damián Stazzone (San Lorenzo), Pablo Taborda (Italservice Pesaro -Italia-) and Constantino Vaporaki (Meta Catania C5 – Italy-).

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