Are you ready for crisis management in 2022?

Are you ready for crisis management in 2022?

Lately we have heard how several companies have entered a shortage of products requested in the market, as a result of the fact that our life is normalizing, from basic necessities, cars, electronic products, toys and we could continue with a very wide list. Products that somehow and at a slow pace are gradually solving companies with good crisis management.

We are just at that moment of resuming life, where although they continue to be careful not to go to crowded places, they have lowered their guard a bit with the care they had before, the reflection has been seen in the increase in infections that in the world they are happening.

Despite the fact that several companies continue with remote work, several more have already returned to work or face-to-face meetings, resuming work, planning how to make up for lost time and above all, with the firm objective of the economic recovery they expect this year, without However, there is no development of strategies to generate actions on how to handle the possible cases of crisis that could arise in 2022.

Brands should consider that in their crisis management manuals it is not enough to focus on the environment that affects their company, but the consequences around their customers, the increase in infections in several countries is putting several companies and countries to consider whether to do a new shorter confinement or not.

So here are some suggestions for your crisis management for 2022

  • Internal hygiene and prevention measures, defining what will be established forever and what with or without a pandemic should not lower your guard.

  • Define actions and procedures in case of contagion in the company, first internally and consequently that it is a place where customers can be infected.

  • Stay informed of product shortages in the environment in which the company is located, monitor the changes in consumption that these shortages generate and see points of opportunity for the brand.

  • Renew and update the company’s crisis manual.

  • Due to the pandemic, many people changed their preferences in the consumption of products and services, renewing themselves by investigating what type of customer is the one that your brand now follows will help improve more direct communication with your consumers.

The real importance is to have a good crisis management manual that supports the Public Relationshipist in the best crisis management that a brand can have, crises can arise at any time and when we least expect them.

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