The Arc One is a boat that leaves no one indifferent. Its creators are a team of ex-SpaceX engineers.

As has become customary, the management personnel who usually participate in projects taken from Silicon Valley and other spaces of creativity are not satisfied with receive millionaire compensation for the transfer of their companies. In the market we have seen multiple examples. Without a doubt, the most representative is that of Elon Musk, the South African tycoon was founder of PayPal and, after a while, he sold the company for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Now, the top exponent of the most successful electric car company in history does not look like he’s going to put an end to his plans at Tesla. Well, what can we highlight in relation to a similar case? SpaceX, a company also linked to Tesla, has had multiple engineers throughout its short life. Well, now, a team of former workers has managed to create a boat that draws attention for its qualities at a dynamic and, above all, sustainable level.

Among its main virtues, it is striking to see how its aesthetics is differential, something that also happens in terms of its efficiency. This prototype also has as its main reference the incorporation of a unique approach regarding the use of state-of-the-art materials. Everything, as a whole, create a product that has hardly any competition in the market. Among its fundamental keys, the presence of technology applied to this curious market stands out.

The model in question, Arc One, stands out for being a boat whose main virtue is the presence of a purely electrical mechanics. Thanks to this, it is possible to obtain all the benefits of electric motors at the same time that there is no contamination during travel. It is, therefore, an adaptation of transport to the much more current requirements. Its power level, however, will allow you to maintain the same level of fun as conventional models.

Let’s see, therefore, what are the main keys of this model in particular, why it is a unique technology in the industry and, of course, to what extent such a product can grow over the next few years. Here are the most outstanding characteristics of its potential performance in the market.

An electric boat that stands out for its performance and the image it transmits

Taking a quick look at its main characteristics, it seems key to review how much care has been taken in the final appearance of the boat. The use of low weight materials, such as aluminum, allow this proposal to reduce consumption while traveling. Similarly, greater running stability is achieved, something essential considering how its dimensions are more limited than a part of its competition.

Arc is a boat that stands out, above all, for its performance under electrical mechanics. Electrek

To what extent do we have a different proposition in terms of dynamic performance? As can be read in the specialized portal Electrek, this particular model can have a maximum speed of up to 38 knots, or what is the same, about 70 km / h. It is, therefore, a very interesting option when it comes to traveling distances in the shortest possible time. This would only be possible thanks to its 354 kW motor.

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At the level of autonomy, it stands out for having a battery with a capacity of 200 kWh. This, comparatively, is equal to what 2 units of the Tesla Model S offer in the version with the highest battery capacity. Even so, it is difficult to determine what is the maximum range of mileage to be made, since it offers enough capacity to transport a maximum of 10 passengers. As you can see, everything will depend on several factors, among which is, of course, the maximum weight during the journey.

A type of boat increasingly recognizable in shipyards around the world

Are they coming electrical mechanics to maritime mobility? Just a few years ago, it seemed heresy to mention the potential of electrical assemblies in the industry. The improvement of the technology applied in batteries has made it possible to have a type of solution with greater application in the industry. As a consequence of all the innovations obtained, everything suggests that over the next few years most of the projects will incorporate electrical proposals.

Former SpaceX engineers create high-speed electric craft

Arc’s vessel interior includes state-of-the-art display-based connectivity solutions. Electrek

Something similar is happening with the connectivity present in this peculiar market. The incorporation of screens is something that, once again, is spreading to these types of products. The elimination of keypads and the fact of being very familiar with this type of proposal is causing the dashboards to be controlled by digital functions.

We will have to wait a while to check if the trend turns towards electrical projects or if, on the contrary, we are faced with a simple fashion. And you, do you think that electricity will also end up prevailing in the maritime transport industry?

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