Apple’s chipmaker TSMC wants a factory in Germany

Apple’s chipmaker TSMC wants a factory in Germany

The biggest chip maker wants a production factory in Europe!

Chipmaker TSMC could be in talks to finalize the construction of a production plant in Germany. And he has chosen the best moment. Just a few months ago the European Union proposed to increase domestic chip production to mitigate future supply chain disruptions.

As stated by a senior executive of the chipmaker to Bloomberg, TSMC is in talks with the German government to evaluate the possibility of establishing a plant in the country. Comments from Lora Ho, TSMC SVP of Sales for Europe and Asia, indicate that conversations are ongoing.

TSMC wants a factory in Europe

Currently, TSMC is the manufacturer of Apple Silicon chips and other Apple chips, as well as other vendors. With increasing demand for these components, TSMC has set out to build its capacity around the world. This includes a 7 billion dollar semiconductor factory in Japan, as well as a 12 billion dollar facility in Arizona which will start mass production in early 2024.

TSMC wants to reach Europe as part of its expansion plan.

Although the arrival in Europe will depend on the analysis of several factors, including government subsidies, demand and the pool of local talent, TSMC representatives assure that still they have not deepened in the talks with Germany on possible incentives, nor about the headquarters in which a plant of this type could be built.

But TSMC isn’t the only one targeting Germany. In March of this year, Apple presented the project in which it will invest more than one billion euros over the next three years to make Munich the European Design Center for Silicon.

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