Apple works so that its next iPhone has a USB-C input

Apple works so that its next iPhone has a USB-C input

Apple is without a doubt the technology company preferred by many people in the world. It was recently announced that the next iPhone could have a USB-C input.

According to data from Statista, the company currently led by Tim Cook benefits from a loyal fan base and has seen unprecedented revenue growth of just $8 billion. US dollars in 2004 to more than 270 billion in 2020.

Likewise, the statistics platform details that the growth of the American firm has been reflected over time, since it was in October 2001 when Apple presented its first large non-computer project, known as the iPod, which it has since become one of their most successful products. That is why the brand currently presents a wide range of products at its events.

iPhone with USB-C input

As published by Bloomberg, Apple’s developer team is testing changing the Lightning port, and supposedly It will be available in the models of the second half of 2023, which is when the official presentation of the iPhone of that year will presumably be made.

They also indicate that the American brand, in addition to testing models with a USB-C port in recent months, is working on an adapter that would allow future iPhone to work with accessories designed for the current Lightning connector.

In that sense, unidentified sources explained that the company will continue with the change, it will not happen until 2023 at the earliest, as Apple plans to keep the Lightning connector for new models this year.

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Specialists point out that by moving to USB-C, Apple will simplify the collection of chargers used by its various devices.

Recall that most of the company’s iPads and Macs already use USB-C instead of the Lightning input, which means Apple users can’t use a single charger for their iPhone, iPad and Mac.

As well as wireless chargers for both the iPhone and for the Apple Watch they also use a USB-C connector for their power supplies.

What are USB-C chargers like?

USB-C chargers are slightly larger than the Lightning connector, but can offer faster charging speeds and faster data transfers.

Additionally, the new connectors would also be compatible with many existing device chargers. that are not from Apple, such as Android phones and tablets.

Along those same lines, this new connector would lessen Apple’s control over the iPhone accessory market, as Apple forces accessory makers to pay to use the Lightning connector and participate in a strict approval process.

The USB-C input is a standard used by many consumer device manufacturers, including most Android phone makers, making it less likely that Apple will be able to exert its usual level of control.

Specialists also detail that a key reason for making the change would be the European Union’s decision to force manufacturers of phones and other devices to adopt USB-C, where in April, legislation for such a requirement was approved by a majority vote.

“Mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, headphones and helmets, portable video game consoles and portable speakers, rechargeable by cable, would have to be equipped with a USB type C port, regardless of the manufacturer”, according to said legislation. .

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