After suing NSO Group, the company behind the controversial spyware PegasusApple has announced that it will alert owners of devices whose security may have been compromised by nation-state sponsored attacks.

This is another of Apple’s efforts to put an end to the abusive actions committed by Pegasus. Precisely, the system has been used to violate the security of the telephones of journalists, businessmen, activists and government officials.

From now on, Apple will apply a series of mechanisms to identify if a device has been compromised. If so, the company will use three methods to notify users of a possible attack.

  • iMessage.
  • Email.
  • Phone number associated with Apple ID.

The company indicates that the notifications will provide users with additional information to protect their devices. However, they specify that they will never be asked who enter a link or download files.

They will also not be required to provide their Apple ID username or password. It is recommended that users verify that notifications are genuine on

Apple’s login page and will display the threat notification clearly visible at the top. In this case, as it is on a secure page, the link “See details“.

Credit: Apple

Apple device security beyond Pegasus

Pegasus is military grade spyware. It has been used to fuel nation-state sponsored attacks. The victims are highly segmented people, generally due to their political or social relevance.

I mean, like explains AppleUnlike traditional attacks, these focus on a very small number of people and your devices. Consequently, it is very difficult to detect and prevent them.

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But Apple seems to have found the necessary mechanisms to at least identify signals related to a Pegasus attack. However, he cautions that these methods can give false positives.

It also notes that can’t provide details on how they identify threats. The company supports this decision by saying that if they do so, they can help attackers adapt their behavior to evade detection.

Those in Cupertino also provide a series of recommendations to improve security practices against all types of threats. It is important to comply with all of them to avoid any type of problem.

  • Update devices to the latest software.
  • Protect devices with an access code.
  • Use 2-Step Verification and a strong password for your Apple ID.
  • Install applications from the App Store.
  • Use strong and unique passwords online.
  • Do not enter links or open attachments from unknown senders.