New Apple Original Series coming to Apple TV + catalog. The Cupertino company today revealed that it has planned a new program called “Shining Girls”. This series based on Lauren Beukes’ best-selling novel will be produced by Appian Way and Élisabeth Moss.

A metaphysical thriller

While for now, we have no date on the release of this new Apple series, we have a multitude of details on the cast and synopsis of the series.
As the main actress, we will find Elisabeth Moss whom you saw in the incredible film Invisible Man or The Handmaid’s Tale: The Scarlet Servant.
The series takes place in 1931 in Chicago, here is the story:

Hunted by the police, Harper Curtis, a violent marginal, takes refuge in an abandoned house. Inside, he has a vision: the faces of women, haloed in light. He understands that he has to find them… and kill them. In his trance, Harper discovers that thanks to this house he can travel through time. He then begins his murderous crusade through the twentieth century: 1950s, 1970s, 1990s … From one decade to another, he sows death in his path, leaving as a signature anachronistic clues on the bodies of his victims . But one of them, Kirby Mizrachi (played by Elisabeth Moss), survives the terrible injuries he inflicted on her. And will do everything to find him.

Apple TV +: Apple announces that it has ordered the Shining Girls series

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