Apple steps on the accelerator with the development of its mixed reality glasses

Apple steps on the accelerator with the development of its mixed reality glasses

The development of apple mixed reality glasses appear to be showing signs of significant progress. As reported Bloomberg, the members of the board of directors of the Californian firm participated in a demonstration with the device during the last week. This suggests that the product has evolved drastically in recent times, which opens the door for me to present it this year.

Journalist Mark Gurman’s report also indicates that work on the operating system of the headset. The software in question, whose name would be rosit would already have versions of some of the most popular iPhone apps, adapted to augmented reality, although it would also boast several utilities designed specifically for the device’s own tasks.

Rumors have been going around for some time about an OS demo at the next WWDC. If materialized, it would be one of Apple’s great surprises for the event aimed mainly at the developer community. However, doubts have also been raised about this possibility, not only because of content, but also because mixed reality glasses would get hot; a problem to which, until now, the team in charge had not yet found a definitive solution.

An interesting point Gurman makes in his report is that Apple’s board of directors usually meets at least four times a year. Therefore, the topics that are discussed in these meetings are usually part of the most important agenda of the company. And it also indicates that, in general, these executives are the first to see the company’s upcoming products.

This does not necessarily mean that the mixed reality glasses will go on sale before the end of the year, but it does mean that we could have announcements about it in the coming months with a view to a public launch from 2023. This would be in line with the rumors more recent related to the device.

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Apple’s mixed reality glasses would be in the final phase of development

The project behind Apple’s mixed reality glasses is in force for about 6 or 7 yearsaccording to different reports. A few days ago, the device was again the subject of comments for a publication by Information that focused on the different problems that appeared during its development.

The team led by Mike Rockwell would not only have had to overcome the obstacles of the design area, at the time commanded by Jony Ive, but also multiple technical drawbacks, maximized by an apparent lack of priority compared to the rest of the existing Apple products. To this would have been added the lack of more explicit support from Tim Cook and other top managers of the company.

However, mixed reality glasses would have evolved enough to now be considered in the final phase of development. According to the information available, in recent times they would have benefited from renewed interest on the part of the apple firm. This, supposedly motivated by Apple’s need to expand its device business; let’s not forget that those from Cupertino haven’t launched a new product category in seven yearssince the introduction of the Apple Watch in 2015.

Apple’s mixed reality glasses would include processors with performance similar to that of the M1 Pro chip, two 4K screens, multiple cameras – around 15 are estimated -, spatial audio, eye tracking, manual gestures and more. Of course, they would not be cheap. The device would reach the market with an estimated price of between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars.