Home Gaming Apple retired Wordle clones, no more iPhone and iPad copies

Apple retired Wordle clones, no more iPhone and iPad copies

Apple retired Wordle clones, no more iPhone and iPad copies

The well-known game Wordle, it has gone viral, so it has become nothing more and nothing less than the sensation of the moment.

And as it often happens, such a great success causes several profiteers to decide to profit from the concept of this game that a developer who made the game as a gift for his wife.

Said clones, appeared in iPhone and iPad with various monetization models, a fact that provoked a negative reaction from public opinion, and apparently, so many criticisms reached the ears of Manzana, since the company made the decision to withdraw all those games that were accused of being simple copies.

This action of Manzana It is already in effect, but the company has not commented on this situation. But nevertheless, The Verge noticed that in the last hours the number of clones of Wordle of the App Store began to decline considerably.

Because it is much more difficult to think that developers who have cloned it, have agreed and decided to withdraw their games on their own, everything indicates that Manzana it was who made the decision to withdraw these copies.

Which would make a lot more sense, since the company behind the App Store they presume they want to have a quality store so filling it with clones of a popular game would go against this.

Since the community of Manzana, constantly indicates that developers should “Have your own ideas” and that “They should not copy the most popular novelty app from the App Store or make minor changes to the name of another application or its interface to make it pass as their own”.

So now, that clones of Wordle copied the mechanics, interface and some more blatant, which, even their name came to use, then it makes more sense than Manzana have made this decision.

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What might seem strange is that the company has not taken action in situations such as with the hundreds of clones of Flappy bird or the fight of Threes against 2048, but anyway, it would be a good time to start.

It is still uncertain, but Wordle, it looks like it has a bright future in iOs and AndroidWe hope that, with this, the clones have learned their lesson.