They say that having common interests is important to match, so knowing if you are an anti-vaccine person could be a perfect filter to find love, at least that’s what Unjected, a dating and community app for unvaccinated people, suggests .

Despite the fact that for some this application was the right channel to meet other people who shared their thoughts, Apple decided to remove the platform from its App Store, which the creators described as an act of censorship.

“Apparently, we are considered ‘too much’ to share our medical autonomy and freedom of choice,” said Shelby Thomson, founder of Unjected, in a video posted on Instagram Saturday. “So of course Apple eliminated us.”

Apple’s reasons

According to Insider, the application would have violated Apple’s policies for content in relation to Covid-19. The tech giant cited interviews from the founders of Unjected in which they noted that the app was for “unvaccinated like-minded people.”

Although at first Unjected had not been accepted in the Apple store, it managed to reestablish itself after the updates. Soon after, the founders asked users to avoid using anti-vaccination words, such as “prick” and “microchip,” in order to mislead Apple reviewers.

However, the deception did not last forever, for Bloomberg News reported Saturday that Apple removed the app after being contacted by a journalist.

Anti-Vaccine Against Censorship

After being taken down from the Apple store, Unjected public a screenshot of the history of Bloomberg News, ensuring that: “We must use our voices. We are fighting against the censorship of our freedoms and we will not stop ”.

Although, the platform started as a dating application, but little by little it became a space for all anti-vaccines, where they included a list of companies that “” respect our autonomy and promote freedom “.

The company posted a screenshot of Apple’s takedown message, noting: “Specifically, your social media app is inappropriately referring to the COVID-19 pandemic in concept or theme.”

In accordance with Apple policies, COVID-19 health and safety information is required to come from recognized sources such as the government, “deeply accredited” companies, and health-focused non-governmental organizations.

A new place

Unjected had tried in a thousand ways to be able to stay within the App Store, from eliminating functions such as a social feed, to removing a “blood bank”, but that did not work, so they are looking for new ways to reach their users.

“We are looking for ways to get out of Apple and Google,” the company said. “But the easiest transition for us might be to make the website the best it can be, since they can’t shut it down like the app.”

According to Insider, Unjested would have managed to be downloaded 18 thousand times within Apple.

“We have an appeal to Apple, however, we do not expect them to even return our request,” he said.

All this occurs at a time when the Delta variant of Covid-19 continues to gain strength in the United States and other parts of the world, so cases continue to increase. However, the US government has another battle alongside it, getting its population vaccinated, so it has allied with different brands to achieve it, but this has not yet seen an immediate reflection.