Apple’s Christmas announcement, recorded with the iPhone 13 Pro, is here.

Christmas is just around the corner. This same week, it is celebrated in many countries of the world the shopping day known as Black Friday, whose offers have already started in some cases. Even Apple also joins with its own promotions in what they call Special Shopping Days, in which the company offers gift cards along with some of its products.

At the same time, the big brands begin to launch their colossal global campaigns to capture as many sales as possible. And again, Apple is also among them, with its now classic Christmas ad, in which they take the opportunity to tell tender stories through their products and services. And, this time, it has not been less, with the ad called “Saving Simon”.

The new spot has been directed by two Oscar nominees, Ivan Reitman and Jason Reitman, father and son. It is a three minute piece that counts the kind story of a snowman, who after Christmas is rescued by a girl from a fatal outcome. This will ensure that Simon is always safe from this moment, until the arrival of next Christmas.

On this occasion, Apple products have not participated directly in the history represented on the screen. However, they have taken a leading role as well, making this possible. And is that the entire spot was recorded using an iPhone 13 Pro.

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At the time, the iPhone 13 Pro was already postulated as one of the best devices when it comes to recording video thanks to capabilities such as recording with cinema mode, or its compatibility with the ProRes format. And, without a doubt, with this spot he has once again proved his worth as a tool to create all kinds of stories.

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