Apple puree and rosemary. easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

Apple puree and rosemary.  easy, simple and delicious cooking recipe

If you usually accompany roast meats with a classic potato garnish, either mashed, fried or sautéed, today I propose a recipe for apple puree with rosemary I’m sure you are going to love it to accompany your roasts.

The aromatic mixture of the apple together with this herb with a bush flavor such as rosemary, is perfect to give a special touch to any piece of meat, be it beef, pork or even chicken.

We will start by peeling and coreing the apples, then the cut into small and irregular pieces. We put a pot on the fire and add the apple, on top of it the brown sugar, along with half a teaspoon of dried rosemary, the juice of a lemon and the water or brandy that gives it an exquisite point. We also add the whole fresh rosemary branches.

Cook everything together over medium heat, stirring from time to time for half an hour or until we see that the apple is made compote. If we like, we leave the puree with chunks, but then we crush everything with the blender so that it is finer.

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With what to accompany the apple and rosemary puree

This side dish recipe from apple and rosemary puree, is as I mentioned before, ideal to accompany meats and give a sweet and very tasty touch to any barbecue. You can put it accompanied by a chestnut puree, so that each diner can use both and enjoy different textures and flavors with, for example, a good round of baked veal.

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It can drink hot or cold, and it is kept in a closed jar in the fridge for a maximum of one week, otherwise it would have to be packaged and sterilized like other vegetable preserves and kept in a cool place.

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