At the beginning of this year, from Apple they surprised the public with the presentation of the new iMac, which in this case incorporates the new M1 processor from Apple Silicon and a 24-inch screen sufficient for the vast majority of users. However, the truth is that The fact that Apple continues to sell through its various channels the old 27-inch screen model with Intel processors with the previous design stands out quite a lot., taking into account the little difference in size that exists between both teams.

However, despite rumors about the pause in production of a larger model of said iMac, it seems that at present Apple is working on developing a new iMac to replace the old 27-inch computers, which in this case would have a larger screen as well as its own processor manufactured by Apple Silicon.

The iMac of more than 27 inches would be among the next Apple launches, according to Mark Gurman

As we mentioned, Mark Gurman, the popular Bloomberg analyst known for his successes in Apple launches, has communicated through his newsletter information about possible new iMac, as has collected MacRumors. Apparently, just as we have gone from a model with a 21.5-inch screen to a 24-inch one, it is expected that this same change will also occur in the 27-inch models in a similar way soon.

What’s more, said iMac seems that it would also incorporate an Apple processor instead of an Intel one as it happens in the current model, although it is not entirely clear if it will be Apple’s M1 chip, or if it will already be the new M1X chip that the firm prepares for the MacBook Pro. In this way, it would undoubtedly be a great team for many cases.

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24-inch and 27-inch iMac

For the moment, it is not entirely clear when the launch of such equipment could take place, but without a doubt it is already a step that Apple is working on it currently. Similarly, it should be noted that, in view of the problems on the screen of the iMac 2021, the development of this new computer could take a little longer than usual. Meanwhile, the 27-inch model of the iMac will continue to be the previous one with the classic design of the team.