Apple pays tribute to Steve Jobs with an emotional video

Apple pays tribute to Steve Jobs with an emotional video

10 years have passed since the death of Steve Jobs, and Apple has dedicated a very special tribute to him. This Tuesday The cover The company’s website honors the most important person in the history of the Cupertino firm.

Under the motto Celebrating Steve (Tribute to Steve, in the Spanish version), Apple has shared a video in which it compiles some of its most important moments in the company. The Macintosh, iMac, iPod and iPhone presentations, plus the announcement that he would no longer be the “acting” CEO of the company, are just some of the moments that the company has chosen for the clip. And all under the narration of Steve Jobs himself.

The video in tribute is accompanied by a statement from the Steve Jobs family, whose version in Spanish below (via Apple Spain):

During this last decade, grief and overcoming have gone hand in hand.
Today our gratitude is as great as our loss.

Each of us has found our own way to comfort,
but always sharing our love for Steve
and everything he taught us.

Of all its virtues, the one that has left us the greatest mark
it has been his talent as a teacher.
He taught us to open ourselves to the beauty of the world,
to be curious about new ideas, to see beyond
and, above all, to maintain the humility of the beginner.

There are still many things that we see through your eyes,
but Steve also encouraged us to judge for ourselves.
He gave us notions for life, and they have been very useful to us.

We have always associated Steve with beauty,
and that has been one of our greatest consolations.
The vision of something beautiful, like the side of a forest
or an object well made, brings back its memory.
Even during his years of suffering,
he never lost faith in the beauty of existence.

But memories are not enough to fill our hearts:
we miss him deeply.
Having him as a husband and father has been a blessing.

Statement from the Steve Jobs family

Tim Cook also remembered Steve Jobs

The current CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, also remembered Steve Jobs, who placed all his trust in him by recommending him as his successor. On his Twitter account, the manager shared the same video that appears on the company’s website; and accompanied it with one of Jobs’s header phrases: “People with passion can change the world for the better”.

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A decade after the death of Steve Jobs, in Hypertextual We also share how her figure in Silicon Valley has impacted, and her vision on privacy, at a time when practically no one spoke about it.