Everything indicates that Apple Pay is already available in Chile, several users have already configured their cards.

Apple Pay continues its expansion in Latin America and the payment service has just made its official appearance in Chile. The rumor began in August with one of the main banks in the country assuring that it was ready, and a few weeks later it seems that the service is already working.

As reported by the Chocale blog and Twitter users, the Banco de Chile and Banco Edwards they already allow you to add your Visa cards to Apple Pay. However, at the moment, neither Apple’s website in Chile nor Banco de Chile or Banco Edwards are promoting the launch of Apple Pay.

It seems that people who have been able to add their Visa credit cards have done so earlier than expected and its official launch. Apart from these two banks, it is expected that Itaú and BICE Mastercard cards be the next to be added to Apple Pay. It is likely that throughout this week these banks will make support for Apple Pay official.

Apple is in full expansion of Apple Pay in Central and South America. A few weeks ago the service was officially launched in Mexico and shortly after in Brazil. AND there are rumors of an upcoming release in Costa Rica. So it seems that Apple is taking its strategy in Latin America seriously and soon Apple Pay could reach more countries.

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Google Pay and Samsung Pay have nothing to do against Apple Pay in the United States

In Spain we already have a large number of banks that are compatible with Apple Pay, and we are happy that our friends from the other side of the Atlantic can also enjoy Apple’s payment service. Hopefully it will continue to expand to new countries.

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