This global service that includes all Apple products is going to be launched in 17 countries at the same time on November 3 after having been in operation for several months in the United States.

If you are Apple users, surely you know that the apple company has a large number of online products available to the public: Apple Music, Apple TV +, Apple Arcade …

All these services cover different needs, so it is normal for Apple customers to have more than one contracted, just as it happens to other human beings with the subscription of Netflix, Spotify, Xbox Game Pass and others.

For this reason, and taking advantage of the fact that Apple has its own ecosystem where they rule, what they have decided is launch a total subscription called Apple One Premier that what it does is combine all the services in a single payment plan. Of course, in return it is somewhat more expensive than individual services.

Apple One Premier costs $ 29.95 in the United States and there are no adjustments to local currencies yet (we don’t even know what it will cost in Europe), so we are waiting to know more details. What we do know is that will be released in Spain on November 3 along with 16 other countries.

For those who wonder what services does the Apple One Premier have integrated these are: Apple Music, Apple arcade, Apple TV +, Apple News +, Apple Fitness + and a 2TB subscription to the Apple iCloud nuba.

Users who subscribe to this service also they will be able to share their Apple One Premier subscription with up to five other users, so in a way it’s like the existing family plan but with more iCloud storage.

Finally, the rest of the countries served by Apple One Premier are: Germany, Saudi Arabia, Austria, Brazil, Colombia, France, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland and the Emirates United Arab. We will see how the experiment works for Cook’s company.