A new service comes to PS5 to stay. Apple Music, the musical service of the American company, is already available to all console users next-gen Sony. In this way, access to a wide library of themes is allowed to enjoy on the system.

Apple Music has more than 90 million songs, 4K resolution video clips and even live music thanks to Apple Music Radio, its streaming side. Of course, we can configure our own playlists to listen to the tunes we have chosen at all times.

By integrating with PS5, we can activate the Apple platform during gaming sessions without any problem. An interesting addition is that we will be shown recommendations based on the title we are playing. On the other hand, the playback of video clips is also allowed, which we can see in full screen or continue doing other activities while they sound in the background.

Apple Music has a free trial of up to three months. If we decide to become subscribers, the fees vary from 4.99 euros for students, going through 9.99 euros individual or in family format at 14.99 euros. Apple already offers six months free of Apple TV + for owners of a PS5.