Apple wants to show the world that its commitment to fight against climate change It is strong, and just before the start of the COP26 conference in Scotland (and figures that do not bode well) it has presented its latest advances in making its suppliers completely carbon neutral.

The company has raised the number of suppliers committed to using renewable energy to 175, 65 more than seven months ago. The sum will allow a total of 18 metric tons of carbon dioxide are avoided emitted into the atmosphere, the equivalent of removing 4 million cars with a combustion engine each year.

Less materials, less emissions and more aid for emerging communities

The total energy produced without polluting will already exceed 9 gigawatts, and if we have to count emissions in absolute terms Apple confirms that theirs have been reduced by 40% counting those of their suppliers. The latest installations to make this possible are a wind farm in Oregon and a solar park in Denmark.

Advances in the products themselves have also helped: the iPhone 13 Pro has implied an 11% reduction in emissions, and the new MacBook Pros do it by 8%. The more recycled materials, the less pollution. The goal in terms of materials, remember, is to stop using conflicting and abusive sources with your workers and rely entirely on recycling.

To meet the ultimate goal of being completely carbon neutral by 2030 Apple will continue to invest in several other initiatives, such as the Oceti Sakowin Energy Authority that wants to develop clean energy methods. The press release also mentions solar installations in schools in the Philippines or hospitals in Colombia, and energy storage in batteries in Thailand.

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However, Apple has reasons to breastfeed coinciding with the start of COP26.