We are not going to lie to you, in Vitónica we really want the Apple Watch 7 to finally arrive. But, if we want something, it is because the Apple Fitness + application finally arrives in Spain. The Apple app that will help us get in shape once and for all and will do so in ways never seen in other applications.

At the moment, Apple Fitness + is already present in some countries, but for it to arrive in Spain we will have to wait a little longer. We do not know specific dates, but the app’s website indicates that it will arrive in our country at the end of this year.

In order to use this app we will need to have an Apple Watch (3 or later) and we can use it on our iPhone (6s or later), iPad (with the iPadOS15 update) or an Apple TV (4K or HD).

What we will find in Apple Fitness + will be Yoga, strength, HIIT, core, cycling, dance or Pilates training, among others. We can find workouts for beginners, pregnant and advanced. One of the advantages that we like the most is that the application suggests workouts based on our activity. In addition, we can choose training depending on the space and time we have. The trainings will be in English with subtitles in different languages, including Spanish.

Already in the Apple Fitness application we can find the option to “breathe” that sends us messages so that we can do our breathing exercises. On Fitness + add guided meditations we can do with or without video.

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Apple Fitness Plus Hiit

But two of the options that we like the most and that we can’t wait to try are Time to walk and the possibility of training in a group. The first option has different celebrities (including Dolly Parton, Shawn Mendes, Camila Cabello or Naomi Campbell). These celebrities they tell us personal stories, while they also walk, they send us personal photographs to illustrate these stories they tell us, and they recommend two different songs. Walking is going to be much more entertaining.

The option to train in a group allows you to choose your preferred video training, but do it at the same time with a partner. In this way, you will not only do the same training, but also you can see each other as if it were a video call and comment on the training. It’s like going to the gym with your best friend, but without needing to be together in the same place. Vitonians are looking forward to training in a group with this option.

The application can be used with a subscription. Those who have purchased an Apple Watch Series 3 or later since September 14, 2021 will be able to enjoy Apple Fitness + free for three months. After those three months they will pay the normal subscription that it seems that it will be 9.99 euros per month.

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