Apple Fitness+ launches postpartum program

Apple Fitness+ launches postpartum program

Postpartum Program on Apple Fitness+

The exercises focus from the outset on getting new mothers to gain strength and ability to do the daily movements of caring for their babies, such as pushing a stroller, improving posture, or carrying the baby with one side of the body are easier.

In the introductory video of the program you will find the recommendation to carry out the first exercise found in it, since this will be the key to carry out the following ones and even to incorporate some of the learning in the day to day. The rest of the exercises can be done in no specific order and all can be

An interesting approach to the meditations is that they seek to help mothers focus on self-care and patience.

These exercises, in addition to focusing on giving day-to-day tools to those who were just mothers, also seek to prevent some long-term health issues such as the recovery of the pelvic floor. The weakening of this area of ​​the body after pregnancy can cause everything from incontinence to falling uterus, sexual dysfunction and chronic pain.

Learning from this training will allow these women to carry the modifications to other programs on the platform.

It should be emphasized that to carry out any training after childbirth it is necessary to have the relevant medical check-ups and the medical discharge to be able to start them, since it will depend a lot on each person and each type of delivery.

Apple Fitness+ has been available in Mexico since November 2021 for Apple Watch users from Series 3. The platform has more than 500 types of training in its library for all types of users.

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The Apple Fitness+ service has a monthly price of 149 pesos or 899 pesos per year or can also be included in the Apple One service package that ranges from 165 pesos for an individual membership to 395 pesos for a premium one.