Those from Cupertino would work on new health-focused Airpods capable of monitoring our posture, our temperature and even function as headphones.

Technology has come to help us, and it is even capable of monitoring our health, especially with regard to smart devices such as watches or bracelets that have already saved the lives of hundreds of users.

But perhaps your current wireless headphones may also have health functions in the future, and it seems that Apple is exploring the possibility of launching future ones AirPods able to monitor body temperature and even make recommendations for our posture, in addition to being able to function as a hearing aid.

Apple has previously hinted at the possibility of launching AirPods with certain health functions, but this new document seen by The Wall Street JournaHe claims that Apple would be developing prototypes of AirPods with temperature sensors to monitor the user’s core body temperature from inside the ear.

These temperature sensors could work in line with a temperature sensor on the Apple Watch Series 8.

This hypothetical device under advanced AirPods focused on health would use motion sensors to monitor the user’s posture and alert you when you slouch in an effort to improve your posture.

In addition to monitoring our body temperature or to alert us when we do not have a proper posture, it is likely that it can also function as headset. Maybe it’s a function that works as a Conversation Boost extension or a completely different headphone-specific function.

It’s unclear how Apple would want to focus this new hearing aid feature on hypothetical health-focused AirPods, but with an expansion of FDA regulations for a new class of hearing aids expected next year, it could pave the way. way for those in Cupertino to explicitly market their future Airpods as headphones as well.

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In any case, people familiar with this information have indicated to the aforementioned newspaper that these AirPods with health functions are not expected to be launched in 2022, and that it is even likely that they will never appear on the market.