Apple and iPhone will overtake Samsung in sales this quarter

Apple and iPhone will overtake Samsung in sales this quarter

It appears that the iPhone 13s are selling so well that they will see Apple overtake Samsung in this 4th quarter.

We are facing one of the most important quarters for Apple and its iPhone, and it seems that sales are not going to disappoint and Apple is going to overtake Samsung. The last quarter of the year not only coincides with the launch of the new iPhone, in this case the iPhone 13, also with Black Friday and Christmas time, months in which many purchases are made.

According to a recent report by TrendForce, the one that echoes 9to5mac, the iPhone market share in the fourth quarter of 2021 will reach 23.2%. Something that will make Apple position itself as the brand that sells the most smartphones this last quarter of 2021.

IPhone 13s boost iPhone sales

According to supply chain reports, Brands like Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi and Vivo will fall in market share, while Apple will see its share grow from 15.9% last quarter to 23.2% of this. The rise of Apple, coupled with the fall of Samsung, will make Apple rank # 1 from the table.

Apple to overtake Samsun in this last quarter

The iPhone 13 are working really well, we already told you how sales in countries like China had been spectacular, and the same has happened in Europe. This has made Apple improve both in the third quarter and in the fourth, especially thanks to better supply chain management than its competitors.

Apple released four new iPhone models under the iPhone 13 series in 3Q21. Thanks to its contribution, total iPhone production for 3Q21 registered a 22.6% increase for the quarter to 51.5 million units. With this result, Apple was also able to climb to second place in the world rankings.

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Still there is a month ahead to check if these figures are met, although the analyzes of TrendForce they are usually quite accurate. In this fourth quarter, Apple will have no rival.

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