Apparently Jared Leto’s Marvel Movie Is Worse Than DC’s

Apparently Jared Leto’s Marvel Movie Is Worse Than DC’s

We have already seen the reviews of Morbiusthe vampire action movie Marvel starring Jared Leto, and they don’t seem to be very positive. The film had a pretty bad 20 points on Rotten Tomatoes and that number has only dropped since then, with more critics calling it a “meaningless story” and “bad effects.”

In fact, Morbius It has been rated so poorly that it already has a lower score than Suicide Squad, that of 2016, not that of James Gunn with John Cena.

2016’s Suicide Squad was quite controversial upon its release, especially due to the strange performance of Jared Leto like the joker. Although he was teased at the time, Leto’s Joker seems to have more fans than his interpretation of Morbius.

As can be seen on Rotten Tomatoes for both movies, Morbius currently has a score of 16 while Suicide Squad has a slightly better score of 26.

The same thing happens when you compare the IMDB pages of both movies. Morbius it has a score of 5.0/10 on IMDB, while Suicide Squad has a score of 5.9/10. Although it is unfair to blame only Jared Letoit is impressive that he has managed to have leading roles in the worst that offer so much DC What Marvel. At least we know that Jared Leto does not discriminate.

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