Apex Legends players furious over hit registration and lag issues

Apex Legends players furious over hit registration and lag issues

Apex Legends is one of the most popular battle royale games out there, and has managed to stand out from the rest in the industry, although some players have long struggled with Apex Legends in the area of ​​connectivity and lag. While basic solutions (wired internet, clearing caches, etc.) may help some players, the issues are still prevalent for many.

Curiously enough, Respawn has recently reiterated its commitment to improve the situation, but with the game’s fourteenth season fast approaching, many argue that it should be a more stable situation at this point in the Apex Legends lifecycle. .

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Those sentiments were channeled into a July 2nd Reddit post from gamer ‘Decepti05’, captioned: “It’s just unacceptable right now.” Attached was a clip showing the player mid-game with no issues. However, upon approaching and shooting an enemy, the game started displaying the dreaded delay symbols and jumped forward, leaving the player eliminated.

Thousands of gamers upvoted the post, suggesting they experience similar issues. Most notably, many reported having no delay indicators until they start shooting at an enemy, much like the OP’s experience.

One commented: “To me sometimes it seems like it has to do with an interaction with the other team. As long as no one is interacting, they’re just close to each other, the game is fine, but as soon as someone pings the enemies, shoot or throw a grenade/skill, then the game just goes…”,”Enemy won I guess.”

Another echoed the sentiment: “This shit happens to me all the time. Each game. Sometimes I can’t even get my gun out before I die. It’s like the mistakes just happen as soon as the action on screen gets complicated.”

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