Anya’s cosplay recreates the gestures of the anime Spy x Family

Anya’s cosplay recreates the gestures of the anime Spy x Family

Today comes to an end the first part of the first season of the anime of Spy x Family, which became the most popular while it was airing and has inspired countless fan arts and cosplays of its main characters. Among the best cosplays is the one he did Aligaa Japanese cosplayer who became Anya Forger.

In the Spy x Family anime we follow the story of Twilight, a secret agent who is given the mission of forming a fake family to infiltrate a prestigious school. As part of this mission, the agent adopts Anya, a 4-year-old girl who is actually a telepath and who gives us the funniest moments in anime and manga.

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In the Spy x Family anime and manga we constantly see Anya making funny gestures, which change according to the occasion, and the talented Japanese cosplayer Aliga recreated them in an incredible way in a video that she posted on YouTube a little over a month ago. .

Most of the gestures that the cosplayers imitate are inspired by scenes from the Spy x Family anime, but a few have their reference in the manga, as we can see in the video above. In the first half of the video we can see the cosplayer imitating the gestures of more than a dozen situations, but in the rest of it we see her acting like Anya imagining that she is in a live-action Spy x Family.

If you like the Spy x Family anime and you are sad that it has come to an end for now, remember that you can continue reading the manga to see what is in store for the Forger family. Meanwhile, Aliga’s Anya cosplay can be considered one of the best we’ve seen to date.

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