“It hurts me a lot that my close friend and Real Science Radio co-host lost his battle with COVID,” Williams said.

With the death of Bob Enyart, who openly declared himself anti-vaccination, there are at least six conservative radio hosts who have lost their lives to the virus so far this year.

The also evangelical pastor had called for a boycott of the doses to “further increase social tension and put pressure on the murderers of children”, referring to his belief that the vaccines were made with cells from aborted fetuses, a statement that, by true, it has been discarded by the world scientific community.

In the August update to the site of the radio show hosted by Bob, he and his wife Cheryl note that they have both “vowed not to use the Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson vaccines.”

On September 4, the church where the pastor worked noted that the couple was hospitalized due to SARS-CoV-2.

List of deaths of anti-vaccine announcers is increasing

In addition to Enyart, other conservative announcers such as Dick Farrel and Marc Bernier, all of them anti-vaccines or use of the mouth cap, have died from COVID-19.