answer emails or watch YouTube while building your empire

answer emails or watch YouTube while building your empire

Nowadays it can be really difficult to find time even under the rocks to play video games. There are developers aware of this and from The Evergloom Team they have wanted to find the exact key through desktop. A city simulator that will not leave us stranded at any time.

Basically, we are talking about a project where we can build from a small medieval village to a huge metropolis. However, unlike great references of the genre such as Anno 1800 or Cities: Skylines, here we can continue doing our daily tasks while everything continues to run normally in the lower part of the desktop.

We can quickly deploy desktop as a popup that can be resized to our liking, check that everything works correctly and press the quick hide button in case the boss appears behind us. However, we can interact directly with what happens in the city by making big decisions.

You have to assign villagers to harvest resources, put out fires, participate in battles and even your own independent character that levels up with the city. Inns, libraries, post offices, temples and blacksmith shops are some of the most common constructions.

That yes, in desktop there are threats of all kinds undead, demons, bandits and even fairies. We will have to monitor that the status of the villagers is the best possible, so we can use charts and graphs with a multitude of data. All this accompanied by a fantastic pixel art section.

The work is scheduled to arrive on August 5 for PC on Steam, so go make room on your desk.

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