Announcement, launch, budgets, maps and much more

Announcement, launch, budgets, maps and much more

As many of you will remember, a little over a week ago, a well-known leaker specializing in Rockstar Games video games provided alleged details about GTA VI and GTA V Online exclusively to the xfire medium. This reaffirmed what has been leaking in recent months: two twin protagonists, several cities including Vice City and a launch in 2024. But now, after Tom Henderson has revealed that the development of the sixth installment could be being very problematic, another leaker has become even more animated, sharing a massive leak of details about GTA VI that have left us hallucinating to be true.

We do not know who the user of the leak is, but the well-known and reliable Idle Sloth has been in charge of publishing the Google document with all the leaked details of the development of GTA VI, which includes the year of announcement and release, maps, the names of the characters and details of all kinds, estimated sales, development date, production and marketing budgets, among a wealth of details about the game’s features, story, and other topics that could be considered SPOILERS that we will not publish.

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Massive leak of details about GTA VI: Announcement, launch, estimated sales, maps and much more

  • development since 2014
  • Graphics engine: RAGE
  • Story duration: 4,500 minutes (75h)
  • Main characters: Ricardo, Casey and Rose
  • Map size: 140mi2
  • Maps: Liberty State, Carcer City, Vice City, Cottonmouth, and South America (prologue)
  • Production Budget: 500,000,000 USD (478,205,000 EUR)
  • Estimated sales: 1,000,000,000 USD (956,410,000 EUR)
  • Marketing Budget: 100,000,000 USD (95,641,000 EUR)
  • GTA VI announcement planned for Q3 2022
  • GTA VI release date planned for Q4 2024
  • Activities: Games of chance, Golf, Sailing, Tennis, Chess, Basketball, Bowling, Striptease Clubs, Cinema, Hot Coffee and arcade machines.
  • Close combat very similar to that of RDR 2, but improved.
  • Police interventions with guns, dogs, advanced weapons, riot shields, tear gas, wanted level up to 6 stars (NOOSE and FBI included). If we escape from a serious crime, there will be delimited areas, with RDR 2-style search and capture.
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In the filtration that you can see this google document there are SPOILERS about what could be the story, main characters, secondary characters and those who could be back. So we won’t publish anything here, but if you want to read this supposed massive leak, you can easily click on the link that we have left you at the beginning of this paragraph.