Announced a new game for Xbox Game Pass that will arrive in May

Announced a new game for Xbox Game Pass that will arrive in May

The new Xbox Game Pass games for the first fortnight of this April have already been announced, just as the 5 games that will leave the service in the middle of the month. So now, while in the next few days players will enjoy great games that will arrive in the different catalogs of the service, from SomosXbox we warn you that a new game has been announced for Xbox Game Pass that will arrive in May.

This time we are talking about Citizen Sleeper, a title developed by Jump Over The Age that has been inspired by tabletop role-playing games. Although, as the editor Fellow Traveler has revealed through a new trailer via YouTube, Citizen Sleeper will launch on Xbox Game Pass on May 5, putting us in the shoes of a lawless station worker on the fringes of an interstellar society. Suffer interplanetary capitalism, explore the station, choose your friends, run away from your past and change your future.

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Citizen Sleeper is a Narrative RPG from the developers of In Other Waters and featuring amazing character art by Guillaume Singelin. Survive on a dilapidated space station where thousands of people live on the fringes of an interstellar capitalist society.

You are a sleeper, a digitized human consciousness inserted into an artificial body, and you belong to a company that is trying to get you back. If you want to survive until the next cycle, you must forge friendships among the motley and unknown inhabitants of Eye, earn your keep, and move through the factions of this strange metropolis.

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