Anna Chlumsky was discriminated against and rejected by Hollywood

Anna Chlumsky was discriminated against and rejected by Hollywood

Maybe the name Anna Chlumsky doesn’t ring a bell, does it? To refresh your memory, we are going to make you remember one of the most tender and to some extent sad movies that marked our childhood.

We refer to My first kiss. Did you remember the story? That’s right, that film had two little ones as protagonists, one with his characteristic glasses and an allergy problem, who becomes little Vada’s adventure partner.

This 1990s film starred child stars Macaulay Culkin and Anna Chlumsky. For both of them, it represented a complete success and for this reason they obtained important recognition in the Hollywood film industry.

For Anna Chlumsky, however, fame and opportunity were the complete opposite of Macaulay. This girl inconsiderately suffered from the prejudices of the industry, so she had to take a long break in her career as an actress.

Why didn’t they hire her after My first kiss?

Anna Chlumsky

The situation was very hard for Anna. At that time, with the success of the film, she felt ready to take on other projects that could add to her career. However, there was something that stopped her in her tracks and forced her to opt for a different path of acting.

The agents of castingtaking advantage of the power they have to build and undo careers, rejected and discriminated against Anna Chlumsky, for which she was denied the possibility of continuing to star in roles.

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They didn’t record me, they told me I was too fat or too ugly.

These terrible comments made her experience the rejection of Hollywood right at the time of puberty. For that reason she suddenly left the cinema. However, this hard blow of hers made her focus on other aspects of her life, like going to college, getting a degree, and doing jobs as an editorial assistant.

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Attraction to show business

Anna Chlumsky

Chlumsky couldn’t help but admit that he was inspired again to return to the acting medium, so he decided to prepare himself to return and get new projects. That was how he got some minor roles in series like White Necklace, Hannibal and in independent film projects.

Due to his tenacity, he has begun to have recognition, as well as more important roles such as the one he has in the series of Inventing Anna. After her journey back into the world of acting, the actress says that she feels a lot of gratitude, but above all, love for what she does.