Since 2018 it was announced that Animaniacs would return with a new series in HuluAlthough initially many criticized this decision, it seems that once the cartoon reached television audiences were delighted with it. Well, the second season is going to be released and here we have its first video preview.

As you can already see, this second season will pay tribute to the classics ThundercatsAlthough for obvious reasons, this trio of brothers will not bear this name. Instead, Wakko, Yakko and Dot will transform into The 80’s Cats to fight the tyranny of the security chief.

The second season of Animaniacs the next one will be released November 5th on Hulu.


Editor’s note: Animaniacs It was a series that I enjoyed very much during my childhood, so I was moved by the news of his return. I have not had a chance to see the first season yet, but I hope I can do it before its second is released.

Via: Hulu

Animaniacs pays tribute to the classic Thundercats

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