Android TV, the operating system present in many of today’s smart TVs, is receiving some of the best features the Google TV personalization layer, until now exclusive to the dongle Chromecast and some Sony TVs. This is the content discovery tool, the personalized lists and the immersive view in the details section, with automatic playback of the progress.

The Google TV interface, based on the Android operating system, has enjoyed additional functions supported by artificial intelligence and Google’s integrated assistant. However, the Mountain View giant is seeking to unify functions in order to dilute the differences between one interface and another.

As collected Android Police, the first of the functions reaches the tab To find out. Hereinafter users will be able to improve content recommendations personalized by navigating between different cards and marking whether or not they like their content. Android TV will take these responses into account to offer more relevant series, films and documentaries.

Another novelty is the new watch list. In it you can add all the content you want to see later. Users have the possibility to add the programs by holding down the tab To find out and selecting Add to list to watch later. As expected, this Android TV info can also be consulted from the mobile application.

Credit: Google

On Android TV the trailers are played automatically

Finally, Android TV is debuting a view Details improved. It seeks to offer a “more immersive” experience by displaying the largest content. What’s more, trailers will play automatically. However, this feature may not be to everyone’s liking. The good news is that it can be easily disabled.

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To stop the automatic playback the user must go to Device Preferences, then Starting screen and there you can deactivate the function Enable video previews. It should be noted that the changes will be applied the next time Android TV is started.

New Android TV features are already rolling out across the hundreds of smart TV brands, streaming devices, and TV service provider equipment that use Google’s operating system.