Home News Andrew Garfield Discusses Rumors About Another Spider-Man Movie

Andrew Garfield Discusses Rumors About Another Spider-Man Movie

Andrew Garfield Discusses Rumors About Another Spider-Man Movie

After Spider-Man: No Way Home, it is clear that the audience wants to see more than Andrew Garfield at the feet of the arachnid. The reason? He is the only Spider-Man on the big screen who could not conclude his trilogy. Fans launched a campaign via social media and, according to a recent report, Sony is considering bringing the actor back. Faced with the wave of speculation, finally Garfield ruled on the matter.

In an interview on the podcast Happy sad confused (via ComicBookMovie), Andrew Garfield spoke about some issues related to his current career. The interviewer, Josh Horowitz, couldn’t miss the opportunity to ask if Sony has already contacted him to launch The Amazing Spider-Man 3. But nevertheless, his response was not encouraging at all.

Andrew Garfield simply replied: “I didn’t get the call”. The actor continued his speech saying that you have not heard anything from Sony. That is, the producer, at least so far, has not contacted him to resume his arachnid character.

Does the above mean it won’t happen? Not at all. If Andrew Garfield is really telling the truth, Maybe Sony still hasn’t planned that third movie that is so talked about so much. Just a few weeks ago, Daniel Richtman, a generally trusted source when it comes to future superhero productions, said that Garfield could reprise his role in the future. However, it seems that Sony has not yet made the final decision.

Another option that cannot be ruled out is that Andrew Garfield is lying to us. In the recent past, prior to the premiere of Spider-Man: No Way Home, he denied his participation in said feature film on multiple occasions. We already know the outcome: he appeared alongside Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire in scenes that will remain etched in the memory of Marvel fans.

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With so many people demanding his return, and once it was made clear that the character still has a lot to offer in his own universe, Andrew Garfield’s words fail to end the speculation.