Andrasta does sensual cosplay of Android 18

Andrasta does sensual cosplay of Android 18

Even though dragon ball no longer count on the fame that it enjoyed at the time. That doesn’t stop tributes from still appearing in the form of cosplaylike this sensual cosplay of the android 18 from Dragon Ball Z by the beautiful Andrasta.

dragon ball, although it does not have the strength it had a couple of decades ago, it continues to bring us great tributes from the fandom. As this great cosplay of the Asian model Liny Hill, where she takes the role of the Goku but in a much sexier version.

We also see other types of taxes, such as the fan art, or in the case of video games, mods. Where can we see characters from dragon ball be ported to other IPs, like this cool mod that puts Master Roshi from Dragon Ball Z in the increasingly popular Elden Ring.

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And now, we have been able to see a great cosplay of the android 18 from Dragon Ball Z brought to real life thanks to the cosplayer and russian model Andrastawhich has captivated us with the great look it has given to the beloved character, now Krillin’s wife.

Andrasta not only makes interpretations of Dragon Ball ZWell, if you go to their profile, you can see all kinds of jobs from different IPs. But something that distinguishes all their works is the quality of their cosplays, you can all of them are great. So do not hesitate to take a look at their social networks.

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