Ana Milan signs up for the cut-out (and hits the mark) with a Desigual dress, ideal for a terraceo that is also on sale

Ana Milan signs up for the cut-out (and hits the mark) with a Desigual dress, ideal for a terraceo that is also on sale

Anna Milan He has taken a liking to dressing Desigual, a few days ago we fell in love with a shirt dress and today he is planted at a party on one of the top terraces in Madrid with a model cut out ethnically inspired.

The actress is completely right applying one of the summer trends in key boho and complete the look with a ponytail. The result? a look freshcomfortable but very top for a late or or for a party with sunset views.

The dress in particular is full of details because the front body is decorated with colored stones and the white skirt gives it that Ibizan touch so appetizing in summer. The side openings are discreet but equally fashionable and they do not detract an iota of elegance.


The good news is that we can trace the look as it is and also saving thanks to Desigual’s summer sales, this dress is available at the official store for considerably less, specifically for 149.95 €104.97.

Ethnic cut-out dress

Same silhouette and different prints


With a silhouette practically identical to the one worn by Ana Milan, we have this long yellow dress with side slits by 129.95 64.8 euros.

Yellow cut-out dress Desigual

Yellow cut-out dress Desigual


Same silhouette but with a flower print that will not go unnoticed 129.95 €90.97.

Desigual floral cut-out dress

Desigual floral cut-out dress

Nine summer dresses to beat the heat in style and take advantage of the 2022 summer sales


If we want to bet on the most sugarcane aesthetics, this dress with print tie dye is the ideal choice for 129.95 €90.97.

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Tie-dye cut-out dress

Other interesting offers

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