Ana Boyer knows how to always succeed with her most sophisticated outfits, inspiring our looks guest throughout the year. But this time she has gone one step further, because the last dress she has worn on Instagram is perfect to be the one make a difference at any party or event without any fear of color. The best? It is still for sale on the brand’s website.

If a few days ago the celebrity left us a look perfect for a wedding with a lot of summer flavor and boho-chic, today it totally changes the registry. Because today’s design is long and fitted to the figure, with French sleeves and with a zigzag print that greatly stylizes the silhouette and fills everything with color.

A Friday look from Tamara Falcó

zigzag dress by ana boyer

However, the best part of the dress is in the back. Something that Ana Boyer has not let us see, but that we have discovered on the Michonet website, the brand responsible for this precious look. There we can see photos of a open back full of crossover laces that make the design much more special.

zigzag dress by ana boyer

The dress in question is priced at 165 euros and is still on sale for those who still have celebrations and events to attend perfect during the autumn months. We see it very clearly with some good heels or strappy sandals overridden at the ankle (if the temperature still permits). Always in neutral tones to focus all the prominence in this original print.

Photos | @anaboyer, Michonet.