Apple recently released iOS 14.7, a software update that added, as the main novelty, support for the MagSafe battery, as well as solutions to some bugs found in iOS 14.6. The new version, however, includes a small bug related to iPhones with Touch ID and Apple Watch.

According to account MacRumors, users who have a iPhone with Touch ID updated to iOS 14.7 they will not be able to unlock your Apple watch by unlocking the iPhone. The Apple Watch, remember, need an unlock code to work. It is also a security measure that prevents other users from accessing the information on the device when the watch is not on its owner’s wrist.

To avoid entering the code manually every time the user places the watch on their wrist, Apple allows activating an option so that Apple Watch is unlocked when accessing iPhone previously linked to the watch.

iOS 14.7.1 is coming in the next few weeks

Fortunately, this is not a major security issue. Manzana has confirmed They are working on fixing this bug, and will do so in a future update. The cited source has seen indications of an iOS version with number 14.7.1. This should be released in the next few weeks.

For the time being, affected users must unlock Apple Watch manuallyby entering the four-digit code on your watch screen. Fortunately, the Apple Watch only needs to be unlocked the first time it is placed on the wrist. If the Apple Watch is paired to a Mobile Device Management profile, the administrator will need to remove the unlock code, since MDM devices have an alphanumeric code that cannot be entered on the smartwatch screen.

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Despite this failure, it is advisable to update to the latest version of the iPhone operating system. iOS 14.7 includes major improvements and fixes of errors present in previous versions. The most common, the glitch that made the songs with Dolby Atmos and Spatial Audio stop at 15 seconds. The new version also adds support for the MagSafe external battery, an accessory recently announced and which will reach users as of July 22.

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