An investor buys USD 8,000 in Shiba Inu, leaves it in storage and the token appreciates 60,000,000% and now has more than USD 5,700 million

An investor buys USD 8,000 in Shiba Inu, leaves it in storage and the token appreciates 60,000,000% and now has more than USD 5,700 million

If you follow the news of the crypto asset market you will have seen that in the last 2 days the Shiba Inu (SHIB) memecoin has risen more than 100% with investors believing in a listing of the token on Robinhood.

With the rise, Shib became one of the TOP 20 cryptocurrencies with the best performance in Coinmarketcap in the month of October with more than a 500% increase in the period, surpassing Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), the two main cryptocurrencies on the market.

A) Yes, the cryptocurrency that was born for the sole purpose of being a Dogecoin (DOGE) killer rose almost 900% last month and 60% in 24 hours and it even surpassed Dogecoin in market capitalization by being among the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the ecosystem.

However, who has much to celebrate with this dizzying climb is a Shiba pioneer who bought $ 8,000 worth of the cryptocurrency as soon as it launched in August of last year. With the purchase, the investor took no less than 20% of the entire supply of the cryptoasset.

However, since then, SHIB’s price has appreciated more than 60,000,000% and the USD 8,000 is now worth more than USD 5.7 billion and, until now, no one knows who the lucky investor is who in just over 1 year has become another billionaire in the cryptocurrency universe.

The billionaire could further increase his fortune

However, the new cryptocurrency billionaire could get even richer, Well, data from the analyst firm IntoTheBlock confirms that the cryptocurrency could rise even more, since the month and the week have brought a dizzying trade for SHIB. The price has skyrocketed in the last seven days, as have the transactions.

New addresses have continued to appear, with nearly 50,000 entries in the same period. Unsurprisingly, given the new record mentioned above, a few hours ago, almost 100% of all wallets are already in profit, the company concluded.

This wave of investors in SHIB has also led analysts to remain optimistic and continue to have a bullish outlook on SHIB’s price, predicting a 96% revaluation. Pseudonymous cryptocurrency analyst “IncomeSharks” has set a price target of $ 0.0001 for the meme token.

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Even the candidate for the United States Senate, Shannon Bray, shared his optimistic outlook on SHIB.

The optimism about SHIB is also in the analysis of Akash Girimath from FXStreet, who believes that the SHIB token is set for a new high of up to 100%, although it has already risen an impressive 200% in the week.

“In this situation, SHIB is likely to race towards its recently erected high at $ 0.000088 and then mark the Fibonacci extension level based on the 161.8% trend. If the bullish momentum is similar to that seen after the breakout of the pennant bullish, investors can expect the Dogecoin killer to settle at the next level of $ 0.0000914. This rally would constitute a 104% gain from $ 0.0000446 and basically double the market value of SHIB tokens, “he said.

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