An incredible mod transforms Minecraft into DOOM

An incredible mod transforms Minecraft into DOOM

Minecraft is that game in which everything is possible. Using its simple cube-shaped graphics and a community highly committed to the title, sometimes we find mods that really attract attention, as is the case of the one we bring you today.

In this case, an amazing mod transforms Minecraft into DOOM. Under the name of Doomed: Demons of the Nether, This creation turns the Mojang title into a first-person shooter game with surprisingly effective mechanics, with a goal of recreating the DOOM title of the year 2016. You can take a look for yourselves below:

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The mod has been created by a single user, under the name of Sibogy, and it has taken more than a year of development.

What is more surprising is that this creation is not limited to modifying the game graphics for others similar to the infernal setting of Mars in the ID Software title, but the gameplay of Minecraft has been adapted to that of a title as different as DOOM, including the various weapons available in it, an ammunition system and reloading it, etc.

An incredible mod transforms Minecraft into DOOM

To install this mod, you must have the Java version of Minecraft on your PC and follow the detailed instructions in its Web page.

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