Things are finally getting interesting in the manga of Dragon Ball Super. Even with all his powers at full throttle, nor Goku and Vegeta have managed to defeat Big wave, the new antagonist of this story. We don’t know how long they can hold out fighting, but the recent preview of the next chapter in the manga seems to indicate that an important character could die.


The first look at Chapter 76 from the manga reveals that Vegeta no longer managed to keep Ultra Ego’s transformation active, leaving him somewhat vulnerable against Big wave. Although Goku already returned to the fight, Saiyan he is definitely not fit to fight, so he will be Vegeta who must face this villain again.

Exhausted and without much energy left, the Prince of the Saiyans must fight face to face against Big wave using the remainder of his power. Given this, the only thing Goku he could tell him was, “Don’t die, Vegeta.”


Will he actually be able to withstand another round against Big wave? It sounds like a difficult task, but not impossible. Death in the universe of Dragon ball does not have much relevance, considering that it is possible to revive almost anyone with the Dragon balls, but anyway, it would be a shocking moment to see Vegeta fall before the hands of Big wave.


Via: ComicBook

An important character could die in Dragon Ball Super

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