Until a few years ago, automotive They were only dedicated to making cars and trucks; but the future is today, and now they are also committed to incorporating scooters and electric bicycles to your offer.

And the most recent example of this is BMW, after a group of its engineers got down to work to present a couple of proposals for alternative vehicles to the car. The result: a folding scooter, called Clever Commute, and a tricycle named Dynamic Cargo. Both, electric, focused on short routes within the town and with a futuristic touch.

In fact, according to what was announced by the company, the two vehicles will have with detachable battery packs, which will allow them to be easily removed and charged while one uses another battery.

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He Clever Commute It has the objective of not only allowing tours, but also used in a complementary way with other means of transport, so it can be folded to be loaded while one takes the Subway or to keep it in the office. Because of its size, it can even be stored in the trunk of a car. BMW 3 Series or even in that of a Mini.

An electric scooter from BMW? This is how the new vehicles of the German brand look like

For its part, the tricycle Dynamic Cargo It was designed for the transfer of light loads, from the purchases of the supermarket up to hand luggage they can be placed in the compact basket located at the back. It even has an accessory for the transfer of kids.

To manufacture its designs, the German manufacturer is looking for companies that can build them with its license and perhaps soon have a BMW also means having small and compact urban vehicle in your garage.

An electric scooter from BMW? This is how the new vehicles of the German brand look like