An Elden Ring player beats the game without hitting any enemies.

An Elden Ring player beats the game without hitting any enemies.

Patience is your best weapon to finish Elden Ring without hitting anyone.

Elden Ring, as a good heir to the Souls saga, is a complicated game that requires a certain amount of skill and a lot of patience to finish off all kinds of enemies and final bosses. Nobody would have thought that the new FromSoftware could be completed without landing a single blow, but it seems that yes, a player has completed Elden Ring without attacking any enemies.

As if it were a pacifist run from a stealth game, the key to being able to complete Elden Ring without hitting anyone is, exactly, that they do the work for you. To do this, youtuber Iron Pineapple explains that he started a new game with the Prophet class, since it has a higher level of Faith than any other class. Faith will be essential for the run, as needs enchantments to cure spirit summons they will do the dirty work of attacking the bosses.

Another key is surround yourself with as many NPCs as possible, for example Rogier, who can help in the fight with Margit. The game basically consists of running past almost all possible enemies and mini-bosses, but to farm, the youtuber goes to the Mohgwyn’s Palace, an optional underground area known as a good farming area. Then it only remains to choose the invocations for each boss well and use the odd trick.

David against Goliath

Some boss in particular seems completely impossible that they can be overcome without attacking, like the snow fire giant, despite the fact that he manages to get out of the combat arena, so he takes a well-known shortcut to skip that part and go directly to the next one. Completing some secondary quests to get new summons is not easy either, although it does not technically attack anyone. Slowly, By upgrading his summons, enchantments and equipment, he manages to reach the final boss and defeat him. without landing a single blow.

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This is how it is to play Elden Ring for the first time without having tried a Souls before

The next time you get stuck in an Elden Ring final boss, remember that someone managed to finish him off without giving him a single hit, so with patience and skill it can fall. Don’t miss our Elden Ring review to find out all the details of FromSoftware’s new adventure.

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