An Artist Unites Pokemon Cyndaquil And Whimsicott And You’re Going To Want It To Be Real

An Artist Unites Pokemon Cyndaquil And Whimsicott And You’re Going To Want It To Be Real

A fan mixed the Pokemon Cyndaquil and Whimsicott into Pixel Art.

The popularity of Pokémon is undeniable. This franchise, which was part of the childhood of an important sector of its fans, left an indelible mark through its television series or a variety of video games. Of course, the company has evolved over the years and, although at the time it was part of an innovation in the industry, it has had to adapt to today’s standards. So the Pokémon universe expanded considerably after having introduced some of the most important characters for the franchise – yes, including Pikachu, the mascot that is basically the image of the company.

On the other hand, the influence of Pokémon in games is incredible, as we can see in the release of quite popular titles -among both knowledgeable and not so knowledgeable fans- such as Pokemon Legends: Arceus, Pokemon Go, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Pokemon Red and Blue, and others we could add to the list. In addition, the franchise recently published the third trailer for the latest edition of the game series and confirmed new details of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, a fact that greatly excited its fans and, in general, sparked good expectations.

The latter means that thanks to the fact that the company has been committed since the launch of its first installment to maintain its base of players and fans, it is that today it has such an overwhelming presence in the media and on social networks, during some comments, discussions and jokes among the fan community.

In fact, after so much time it was logical that the company has expanded the pokémon, their types and their respective evolutions, while some others have been debuting, as is the case of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet -which although they have not yet been released, fans have been speculating a lot about it. And, although it is always difficult to remember the names and powers of each pokémon, the truth is that fans will always have their favorites who they pay tribute to in many ways. Even if the pokémon that they have imagined do not officially exist, that is not an impediment for them to animate it and give it the attributes that they think are suitable for these creations.

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Pokémon mergers are common on social media

If Pokémon fans are known for something, it is for their creativity, as we have seen in the past. We’re constantly seeing some interesting fusions floating around the internet that we’d actually like to see in canon, due to their clever designs, an interesting mix of powers, among many other things. However, the best way artists have shown their love for Pokémon is through fan art of the franchise.

Lately most are centered around the three starter Pokemon Escalarta and Violet, on the eve of its release, however, there are also other illustrations that combine various features of your favorite monsters. So recently, a Pokémon fan made a combination between Cyndaquil and Whismicott in an illustration.

Reddit user named HoundoomKaboom, merged this pair of Pokémon and shared them on his personal account. Although Cyndaquill and Whimsicott are quite different from each other, the artist took care to mix their best features and thus turn them into a new pokémon.

For its part, Cyndaquil is a bipedal Fire-type starter Pokémon that debuted in Gen 2.while Whimsicott was introduced in Gen 5 as a Crystal/Fairy-type Pokémon.. And, although it might seem that there is nothing in common, the author managed to make a quite original design:


To better understand, the creation you just saw has the body of Cyndaquil and the fire on its head is in the shape of Whismsicott’s hair. And, unsurprisingly, many fans in the Pokémon community have already let the author know how amazing his work is, through positive comments and reactions.

Some of them have suggested names for this new “pokemon”, such as “Cyndacott” and “Whimsiquill”, which were the most suitable, according to the majority. Even a fan was very punctual with his opinion: “You see a Pokéfusion. I see a Cyndaquil with a spectacular mane.”

Not all creations have been as accepted as that of HoundoomKaboom, so we must recognize that the artist is very talented. And it is likely that in the future he will continue to surprise us with other creations with unique designs. In the meantime, we might enjoy imagining what “Cyndacott’s” powers would be like in battle.