an artist redesigns Sabrina and her Alakazam with a realistic look

an artist redesigns Sabrina and her Alakazam with a realistic look


Those older fans of Pokémon will remember that during the first generation there was a type of Pokémon that stood out above the othersalso being a guy who had representation by the gym leaders with which he is considered the most complicated of that time.

We speak, how could it be otherwise, of the psychic typewhich was so broken during this early stage that they had to nerf it in Gen 2 with the introduction of Dark-type Steel, as well as adding Pokémon like Heracross and its powerful Mega Horn.

Sabrina and Alakazam are seen in a creepy way

Under this premise, it must be said that in the first generation the most powerful Psychic-type Pokémon was Alakazamwith the approval of Mewtwo, this being a Pokémon that had great speed and a special high, which meant that any of its attacks could be deadly and without even being ineffective against any type, since a bug in the programming made the ghosts weak and not the other way around.

Given this, the fight against Sabrina, the gym leader of Saffron City, is the most difficult in the game in terms of situation (not counting the High Command), since its Pokémon could attack hard, fast and with no weaknesses in sight. And it is right here where an artist wanted to bring back this gym leader with her flagship Pokémon through a new drawing that you can see below:

As you can see, the trainer and Pokémon are shown in a somewhat more realistic way than we are used to, at the same time that it must be said that it becomes even creepy.

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The latter is no coincidence, since, remembering, in the first season of the anime it was possible to see how Sabrina’s arc could be considered one of terror, since this character had all the trainers in her gym scared at the same time. who had the ability to turn people into dolls.

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