An amazing The Last of Us Part II mod shows us what Ellie would look like if she were blonde

An amazing The Last of Us Part II mod shows us what Ellie would look like if she were blonde

The Last of Us is one of the most beloved video game franchises in the hands of the PlayStation gaming community, and many of the fans were amazed after the arrival of The Last of Us Part II, where we can see a slightly older Ellie that shows us another side of the life they lead, with all its dangers.

Something that seems quite striking to us is that, in 2020, The Last of Us Part II was released in June, this being the title that continued the events of the original installment of Naughyt Dog, only, this time, instead of having Joel as the main character along with Ellie, it was the little girl who took this role 100% on her trip to Seattle in search of revenge for the events that occurred at the beginning of the video game.

In this way, many will already know that Ellie has dark hair, this being a feature that has been like that since its inception, when she was compared excessively with the then actress Ellen Page (known today by the name of Elliot). However, a change in her design largely ended these comparisons, although she retained some features such as the aforementioned hair color.

Ellie as a blonde continues to kill infected and humans as if nothing

Given this, it must be said that recently it has been possible to see how a YouTuber named Angel-gbc has uploaded a video to her channel where Ellie can be seen fighting an Infected in a Hillcrest garage, this being a moment that encompasses around halfway through the game, on Ellie’s second day in Seattle.

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In itself it may seem completely normal, but the peculiarity is that Ellie is shown with platinum blonde hair, which has been made possible thanks to a mod in collaboration with the user @ smasher248. It should be noted that this is not something simple, but the feat of looking so natural makes it clear that the adaptation work has been quite competent.

We must mention that the saga may have several projects at hand, including here a remake of the first installment that could be released at the end of this year. That will be something that only time will tell, so we will keep waiting for any possible news that may come out.