Amouranth buys another gas station for $8 million dollars

Amouranth buys another gas station for  million dollars

Popular Twitch streamers are known for diversifying their income to ensure they are not totally reliant on their videos and live streams, with merchandise deals being a prime example for some.

Other Twitch streamers have gotten even more creative, like Amouranthwhich has entered the gas station business from 2021 and continues to buy more gas stations in the United States as gasoline prices rise.

Recently, Amouranth posted a picture of a fuel station on his Twitter in which he proclaimed that he had invested 25% in a syndication deal in a new location called Kum and Go. The popular streamer has maintained a strong following on the platform while transitioning from streaming hot tubs on Twitch to ASMR and Pokémon card unboxing to diversify her content before expanding into other businesses with a similar strategy.

Is fuel station it joins Circle K, which receives more than 100,000 cars a day, and 7-Eleven, in which it invested $10 million last year. Like his other gas stations, the Kum and Go station he bought Amouranth is located in an undisclosed location, keeping the safe method in which the Twitch streamer announces big investments like the recent ones she made in Amazon and Activision Blizzard.

Kum and Go is a US-only business, found primarily in Iowa and further south in Oklahoma. The Kum and Go store you invested in Amouranth it has twelve service pumps, some of them dedicated to diesel, on a two-acre site that also has a small store not unlike the Circle K station in Amouranth.

Spending less on Kum and Go than on 7-11, Amouranth confirmed that the new gas station cost him $8 million dollars for the 25% share. With taxes being one of the main reasons Amouranth got into the gas station business, the popular Twitch streamer hinted that accelerated depreciation would affect her account this year.

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Due to the lucrative nature of these investments, Amouranth decided to continue to share information about their businesses for “one or two last” deals, suggesting there may be one more to come.